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"It's hard to find companies like yours that are passionate about their products and back that up with high quality and attention to detail (plus made in the US). I wish all my cycling gear could come from companies with the same philosophy." - Mike

"I just wanted to say thank you!! Used the straps this weekend on a long muddy ride and they were outstanding. Can't say how impressed I am with the product as well as the service. Already telling friends about Backcountry Research." - Travis
"Got the order Friday, strapped everything down with the race, fits and looks great. Went down at speed today, front wheel washed out, I clipped a tree then endoed off trail. One busted brake lever and the bars knocked completely out of whack but my tube/co2/lever bundle didn't move an inch. Great product!" - Ross
"Got the flannel mutherload. It looks awesome. Holds minipump, park mini-tool and 26" tube no problem. Thanks for making a product that actually works as advertised and adheres to the KISS principle. Ride On." - Zach
"Hey guys, I just got my order and I am absolutely floored by the quality of your product!!! The Race 2 strap is rock solid and the Tulbag is perfect size for my accessories. Thank you as well for the can coozie too!!! I will be ordering more Race 2 straps soon." - John
“The Tülbag and the new Back Forty have become staples of my cycling diet. Your quality is much appreciated." - Eric
"I found BR thru Team Dicky, and I gotta say I'm glad I did. I've been using the Race Strap for a couple of months now, and it doesn't disappoint. It hasn't come loose once, and that's over North Carolina singletrack, rocky and rooty. I use a Tülbag to hold a multitool, and leatherman, tire levers, and zip ties. I put that and a spare tube into the Race Strap, and I'm good to go. I also use another tülbag to hold allergy and headache medicine. It's the perfect size and doesn't come out of my jersey pocket, even when I go over the handlebars. Then I got a Fönbag for my iPhone, and it is perfect. Enough room for phone, id, and spare key. What a perfect little bag. And if the products weren't awesome enough, the customer service is stellar. I am a COMPLETELY satisfied customer. Thanks for the Awesome products!" - Brian
"Good afternoon, I gotta tell you I was skeptical of using your product. I had a fellow racer refer me to your website to look at your straps. I went ahead and purchased the “Hitch”. Since May 2011, I have since competed in 1 – 8hr endurance event, 2 – 24 hr endurance events, and countless training rides in the mud, rain and heat. I have never had this strap slip period. I want to thank you guys for creating a great product. Keep it up!" - Dave
“After the local weather cleared a bit and my schedule did along with it, I finally got out to test the Back Forty strap – installing it as you instructed. Two words – bullet proof. I snugged it up right and tight and it got rattled for a few hours over the best roots and rocks and stream crossings that I could fine on my local trails. I believe……” - Charles
“Hey Richard, Just wanted to give you an update. I did the 24-hour race this weekend in 95 degree weather. I used one of your tulbags to hold some electrolyte pills so they would not dissolve from sweat in my jersey pocket. About 5 hours into the race I started to feel cramping so I used my pills and it saved my ass. I ended up winning the Solo division with 215 miles covered. I just wanted to let you know your product was essential for me in this race, I love it!” - JR
"For the nonbelievers. I have had ZERO occurrences of losing stuff since Captain Dick introduced me to the Awesome Strap last year. Not one, not two….ZERO. Yes, I use the normal 'serving suggestion'. I rode the ORAMM, The Cowbell, The Shenandoah 100, and mile after mile of Pisgah and local trails and have never had an incident. OK, I know, I just jinxed myself. I am not affiliated with Backcountry Research in any way. I’m just telling you, as a single speed rider that doesn’t like Camelbak’s, in my opinion, it is truly AWESOME." - Leyonce

“Hey guys – I’ve had the Awesome strap for over a month now and it has freed me from the shackles of my hot Camelback…thanks for a great product.” - Brian
“Thanks guys, just wanted to let you know the shipment arrived. Great customer service! I won't hesitate to order again or recommend you.” - Erwin
“Hello All - I just wanted to say thanks to you all for making such a great product. I used two of them this past weekend at ORAMM and they worked flawlessly. If they won’t come loose coming down Heartbreak ridge, they won’t come loose anywhere.” - Steven
“You used the word "reef" in your instructional video... that sold me right there.” - D
“I am one of your many satisfied customers using the Awesome Strap Back Forty. For the past 500 miles of SS riding through Colorado and New Mexico High Country the Awesome strap has been carrying the following: 29er tube, Big Air CO2 canister, a 5/16" open end wrench, a Crank Brothers 10 piece mini tool, and two jingle bells (the bells alert the mtn kitties and hikers of my where-abouts). I've been amazed at how well the strap holds all these items in place without spinning around or sliding down the seat post.” - Cal
“Thanks for the awesomeness!” - Nick
“You guys are right it is pretty Awesome. It holds everything I need in case of an emergency!” - Ben
“Hey guys...I’m sure it’s nothing new to you, just wanted to say the Back Forty works great on top tube as well. Thanks guys keep up the Awesome work!” - Philip